Providence / by Bryan Lackner

we walked into AS220 at the end of another show, and we all honed in on the cheese tray. touring rappers flock to free food, so before loading in, Brent went over to the spread, only to be greeted by a stiff that wasn't trying to let him get in on the goods. Brent charmingly told the dude to shut up and came back to the van with a paper plate full of cubed cheeses.

this has nothing/everything to do with the show we played that night, but what's up with dudes being over-the-top sexist in their raps? i feel a little bit like an old man when i ask that, but it's more of a curiosity than a complaint.
who is it for?
for women? so they can hear about your exploits and think, boy, if I play my cards right, maybe he'll write a rap about me! 
are dudes supposed to be jealous?
is the idea that people will love to hear about how much sexing you do to all your hoes or whatever?
do you, but that shit is boring.

the next morning, i drank coffee milk. did you know coffee milk is a thing?

Rhode Island's official state drink y'all. like chocolate milk, but coffee. i don't even drink milk, but i had a glass and it was goddamn dee-licious. thanks to Mike East for showing me the way.