Portland / by Bryan Lackner

in Portland, we visited Bomb Diggity Studios, a community art space serving adults of all abilities. we shared videos. inspiring stuff. here's two of my favorites:

i also bought my new favorite shirt at Bomb Diggity:

we performed at the monthly Rap Night at The Asylum, which reminds me of the Blue Collar Gentlemen monthly we have in Detroit. built-in crowd, all there for the love of hip-hop, which makes for a fun, high-energy show.

we shared our stage with Eyenine, who has got some goddamn chops, man. jesus. if we were to have a fake award show for the tour, he'd win, Rapper Who Can Spell "Deteriorating" Faster Than Anyone Known To Man.

our equipment took a spill at the end of the night due to some drunks, but everything remained in working order. the cyphers were live, the b-boys were getting it in. Portland was what's up.