Boston / by Bryan Lackner

prior to this show, the only time we'd played Boston was in 2012 with Jamaican Queens and a local speed metal band that i guess was put on the bill for a "local draw"? from my recollection, they might have drawn three or four people. 

anyway, this time, Boston/The Burrow treated us real well.   Leo Albatross greeted us with hard ciders, there was an Adrienne Marie Brown quote above the doorway and Jacob pulled out his copy of Octavia's Brood. the basement was narrow, but we fit three stages down there, and the good thing about small basements/venues is, you don't need many people to have a hype show. real fun lineup. afterwards, we dove into a comical amount of guacamole and pita chips that Jacob's roommate took from MIT (by the looks of it, they would've just thrown away, i don't know, 5 pounds of guac? that's a lotta guac, brah.)

in the morning, Colin and Brent came up with the unofficial/never-to-be-recorded tour banger, Fuck It, I'ma Pee In This Cup