Richmond / by Bryan Lackner

RICHMOND, VA - Gallery 5

stayed at The Compound in Richmond. PT Burnem informed me that it used to be a dentist's office, but has been an art space for the past 25 years. (actually, "a space for artists" is probably more accurate.) PT's girl offered to show us around town, but we got in late from Annapolis and loafed around until it was time to load in. fresh air is nice, but wifi is, too.

the energy was great at Gallery 5. PT, who will be joining us later on the tour, threw down. 

after the show, Mya was telling a lot of pun jokes -- and i love puns -- but the last joke she told was the longest i'd ever heard, and i feel like i have to tell someone else, and soon, or i'll forever be cursed by this thing.