Annapolis / by Bryan Lackner

ANNAPOLIS, MD - Metropolitan Kitchen

after recording the podcast with Height (listen to it here), we headed down to Annapolis. 
to give you some background, here's who we're touring with:


...and EZE JACKSON ("Thanks for the Love")

Metropolitan Kitchen was another upstairs venue that appeared to have a swankier clientele below us.
by that i mean, i saw someone bringing a plate of scallops downstairs, so that's why i've decided the clientele was "swankier".

the local acts were Team Heen, Blacksage, and Tobias Russell, who we shared a stage with. we knew Tobias was gonna come correct because when we asked his partner Alex what the setup was, he said, "i have my amp, and the laptop, and Tobias has a keytar."

it was a small show, but the energy was good, which can oftentimes trump attendance. by that i mean, i'd rather have 20 people that really dig what all of us are doing, versus a room of 100 indifferent people on their phones or whatever.

didn't have a place to stay in Annapolis, so Height drove us straight to Richmond. thankful to have him at the wheel, 'cause i can't drive late night for shiiiiit. a few years ago, driving to North Carolina with Brent, i veered across three lanes in the mountains, fortunately with no one else on the road. so hey, while the sun's out? i'm your dude. otherwise, let's not.

arrived at PT Burnem's place at 5 (daylight savings y'all). just woke up, and didn't realize when we got here earlier, that the room i was staying in had no windows. pitch black. i don't think i've ever had the luxury of sleeping in a pitch black room. also PT informed us that the room we were staying in served as an S&M movie set, which explains the, "SUBMIT YOUR FLESH" spraypainted on the wall.

Gallery 5 tonight.