Greenville / by Bryan Lackner

almost instant bad vibes in Greenville.
so listen, the four of us touring are very respectful people. we work with you. we're just trying to have fun, touring our music and touring the Round Robin across the country. some people need to re-lax.

the soundman was drunk well before we got there. i think the doorman was as well, and he couldn't stop pacing, which i saw as him just trying to find something to get angry about. he was a stiff. like, a figurative stiff, that was also quite literally stiff.

but hey, they're hosting us, and that's nice, so we kept it moving. doors were at 8 -- come 8:20, only one of the local acts was there. i had the camera running just in time to meet the first two people that came for the show:

everyone ended up showing and raps were had. we stayed at a nice place afterwards, and i've always found that, if the show isn't the best, the hospitality makes up for it. major shouts to Gabe + Liz.