Nashville / by Bryan Lackner

we picked up Eze from the airport, but not before we had some killer Waffle House.
now, on a previous tour, brent and i were thoroughly unimpressed with WH, but Height and Eze consider it a staple of the tour life, so we accepted that and now have our go-to items down pat. Jeremy was also the first person i ever saw to rock the waffle house long-sleeve. shit's so fresh:

as everyone soaked up some mcdonald's wifi, i went and caught up with Adam, Ryan and Charles Trees from Jamaican Queens. super happy our paths crossed on our respective tours. our last time on the road was with JQ in 2012, and it's crazy how far both groups have come in that time.

our boys.

not pictured: Charles Trees (buying a burger)

Having Detroit people in other cities gives a boost to our shows. our friend Lauren came out, as well as my friend Sarah, who i hadn't seen in 6 some-odd years.
the vibration was high at Cafe Coco -- Magnetic Forces and Since When did their thing, and i felt the energy was incredibly well-balanced between the 5 acts. this was the second night in a row where someone (S.W.) left the show before the show finished, this time explaining to the audience why he was leaving, which isn't entirely necessary, but sure why not.

a local guy named Masseyvibe ended the night after the round robin, and i really enjoyed him, but one thing i don't enjoy about performers is when they ask people if they have a dream, and that -- if they do -- they can do anything they want, just keep believing in that dream.
i get it, but let's all not do that. i feel like music should inspire you to pursue your dreams, and being told to pursue them so explicitly is a disservice to the idea. i tune out when people say that shit. but, again, all love to Massey, i liked his stuff.

big thanks to Lauren for letting us crash at our house. another in a long line of excellent hosts on the tour thus far. #CoOwnaz