Knoxville / by Bryan Lackner

overcast, knoxville / 
miles away from magic /
it is what it is

sometimes when you're holed up in a motel, hundreds of miles away from the ones you love, and don't know how to properly use your time, you can go kind of nuts. it didn't help that the day was dreary, and there was little to do within walking distance. eze had headed to columbus to take part in The Real Nigga Show, which might have contributed to the mood for the day. and, personally, too much time in my head can be nasty..

rain was coming down when we set up at the pilot light.
drank a beer in silence at the bar.
however -- and in most instances this is the case -- as soon as the local acts arrived, the whole, i'm far too deep in my own head and i'm feeling sad-shit was diffused. David Dalton's soundcheck alone had me laughing a very necessary laugh to put the night on an upswing for me. 

another local, Angel (b/k/a Rather Unique) had the most fitting rap name on the tour, given that his beats were on his phone, online, and started one song by saying, "Aw naw man, this is just a commercial for YouTube."
he also left the show early to catch a bus, which i guess out of context isn't that strange, but the announcement of essentially, "Hey, y'all can keep going, but i'm out of here" was *ahem* rather unique of him.

we headed back to the same motel for the night, but the clouds weren't as dense.
off to Nashville in the AM.