little rock / by Bryan Lackner

we pulled into Arkansas around 2 in the afternoon.
Brent has family in Hot Springs and Little Rock, so he planned on kicking it with them. we arrived at the house we were performing at, and his aunt literally lives across the street from said house. kismet.

while Brent hung out with fam, height, eze and i farted around LR until showtime.

now, 'showtime' is very loose. and that looseness can drive me up a wall -- though i'm getting better, i'm constantly battling anxiety, and it seemed like it was at its peak as we waited for 'showtime'. maybe it was the 4 dogs roaming the house (and, eventually, peeing on our stuff), or not having a desire to talk to anyone, but being stuck at the house with seldom place to go. but, once the show starts, it all washes away. 

the locals in Arkansas were Don't Cry Paula, 607, and O.T. Ray Vizza.
both 607 and OT know Brent's cousin, who happens to be a Little Rock staple that goes by the name of Mean Green. 607 told Brent that, as he was trying to push his music to the local radio stations, they weren't really having it, but they were having some Mean Green.

fter the show, we had another incredibly solid Waffle House trip, and a bit of a bizarre housing situation, which i don't feel the need to delve into here. i'm just writing this so i remember it for later. #topher