Dover / by Bryan Lackner

after our stop at Suzy Q donuts, we headed to the border for our show in Dover for the third leg of the tour. super thankful that Brent and Dan drove through Quebec -- no GPS, no phones, just a map and gut instinct. 

the border patrol took their time going through the van, and then questioned us about our confetti. we calmly told them it was just spring-loaded paper.

we linked up with PT outside of Spun Records in Dover. after being on the road 6 weeks, PT's energy was a good way to re-energize all of us on this last leg.

we stayed with Seth On Gray Street and watched an hour of Lucha Underground, which was great. i'm a wrestling least i once was.
it all got to be too much for me when Vince McMahon merged the three major federations. Lucha Underground was a breath of fresh air...same goes for Seth's music. peep the links.