Youngstown / by Bryan Lackner

Youngstown started by us being locked out of Richie's place. well, Richie fell asleep, and his phone was off, so we ended up getting a hotel for the night. in the morning, Richie apologized over a half-eaten burrito bowl.

Richie used to be in Gil Mantera's Party Dream, and come to find out, he was my favorite part of Shark Tank's "Don't Shoot" video.

he performed with us at Knox, under his moniker THE GREEN GOBBLER. his performance was a speech on How To Eat. below is the intro to his set.

my camera died, but for the rest of the rounds, he led his lectures over the opening guitar loop of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy".

we also performed with a man named Scott Fry, who works with Weird Paul, a prolific Pittsburgh artist that i've listened to for some time. peep game:

a very large drunk man couldn't keep his balance, so he tried to steady himself on one of our speakers, so Eze and i had to give this look of, Dude, what's..what is this?, while Brent was watching from behind the stage.

i went back to Richie's to sleep, and at some point in the night he and Eze came back, along with a friend of theirs who slowly petted my face. ain't mad at her.