Pittsburgh / by Bryan Lackner

years ago, i went to the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor to see MC Chris perform (Sealab / [adult swim]). before MC Chris, i saw two acts that changed things for me. the first being Downtown Brown, who have become friends and collaborators with an unrivaled work ethic. i highly recommend checking them out, but i want to talk to you about Grand Buffet.

Grand Buffet came on and it was one of those, Where has this music been my whole life? moments. razor sharp wit, wildly entertaining, something that -- at the time -- i wasn't used to seeing at rap shows. it was thanks to GB that i discovered Height, who toured with them in 2007.

cut to: present day, Howler's, and performing with Jackson, b/k/a Mrs. Paintbrush.

i was goddamn stoked. Pittsburgh was a lot of fun, one of the livest crowds on the tour, and i got to chop it up with Jackson and Lord Grunge, which, for me, was a big, big thing. here's some Mrs. Paintbrush banter, talking with a drunk dude who appears about halfway through the vid.

also, shouts to AA Arm for having this wild-ass setup. had my first Eat 'N' Park experience with them after the show. good dudes.