portland / by Bryan Lackner

on the way to Portland, we stopped at Yak's Diner. we were greeted by a particularly bubbly waitress that inquired about Brent's Check Your Head shirt.

do you like the Beastie Boys?
yeah i like the Beastie Boys.
do you love the Beastie Boys?

she proceeded to tell us she was in the "Hey Ladies" video, and just moved to northern California from LA. we immediately pulled up the vid, and sure enough, there's our girl:

i really should've slept more before the show. 

the 10+ hour drive to Portland had me z o n e d  o u t. sometimes -- oftentimes, really -- i prefer not to talk, and just take in what's around me, which can be awfully difficult when you're on the road. rap and sleep was all i wanted to do. slim turnout on a monday night, but hey. i've always felt like, if you can win person over any given night, you did good. we did good. 

ate a voodoo donut and zzz'd my way into the twilight.

our day off in Portland honestly felt like 3 days off. last monday we were in nashville -- shows every night, coupled with the long drives west, weighed heavy on us. 
showered, recharged, recorded a podcast with Haute Garbage (available here), laughed at that Tidal press conference with the fellas, and worked on a video for the Boggs School back home. 

feeling groovy again.