seattle / by Bryan Lackner

it was a soggy day in Seattle.
it was soggy, and i've never heard louder thunder in my life.
the turnout was small, and i guess as a result, i started drinking earlier than usual.

(post-show cypher)

some bars have been super lenient with drinks, others have not. Vermillion was the former, so i was consuming my fair share of whiskey. before we left the venue, the bartender poured a shot for Eze and myself, which was wholly unnecessary, but i didn't turn it down.

this is how drunk i got:

we were staying at Eze's friend's house, about 40 minutes outside of Seattle, so by the time we arrived i had just enough energy to slur aloud, "echhhhhh, i'll just stay in the van for now." problem being, when i finally got up to go inside, i didn't know what house it was. the van was situated between two, and i was still very not sober (see: me peeing openly in the street), so i patiently waited for daybreak.