los angeles / by Bryan Lackner

after resting our bones in Tucson friday night (thanks Amanda!), we drove the remaining 10-some-odd hours to los angeles. Larry from Future People hosted us, and after downing some enchiladas we headed to Los Globos. shortly thereafter Charles showed up.

our friend Charles, known to many as SelfSays, just moved out to California a month or so back. it was really good to see him, and to see him in such high spirits. our boy's gone Vertical.

Detroit was well represented in LA, and that felt great.

outside of the show, a woman set up a taco stand directly in front of our van, so Charles, Height, Larry, our friend Yessica and i went to town on some al pastor boi's before crashing in Silver Lake. 

shouts to Larry's Swordfishtrombone tat.