austin / by Bryan Lackner

or... The First Time We Performed In A Yoga Center.

first, let me say it was good to perform in Austin outside of South By. we've discussed this several times on the tour, but it feels much better to be touring and getting paid for our shows leading up to this one, versus, going down to SXSW, spending a lot of money we don't have, not getting paid for the show, and performing for next to no one. i respect anyone going down there to do their thing, but, unless we're a part of a sweet showcase, i don't see a point in returning to South by Southwest. 

Paulie Think, who helped put together the show, also instructs at The Center Spot, and instead of trying to hunt down a venue, height suggested we just perform at the yoga spot. i guess i didn't realize The Center Spot was what it was until we arrived in Austin, but hey, let's go!

after the round robin, DJ Jester the Filipino Fest ended the night with a killer set. i was going up to give him dap and he said, "hey, take these", and he pointed to his merch. 

dog, his merch? 
mentos and whoopee cushions.
Jester is that dude.

we drove straight out of austin to make it to LA by saturday. lot of backroads. fortunately we found a hotel in the middle of the nothingness, and fortunately a mile up from the hotel there was a whataburger. i like eating well, but i also like trying shit that i've never tried, and whataburger won me over. also, the lone dude working this whataburger (at 2:30'ish in the morning) gave us some free apple pies. we called him Walter. 

Walter, stand up.