Orlando / by Bryan Lackner

we drove up and down the block trying to find The Space. "is this it?" -- Height was looking at a nail supply store. i had read that the venue was tucked away somewhere, so i got out of the van and walked up the block. walked into Anthony's Pizzeria and out the back door and through an unmarked white door was The Space. 

we loaded in, and it was hot. sticky Florida hot. i did that selfish thing of lifting up my shirt and standing directly in front of the a/c for a few minutes, which helped very little. for size proximity, the room we played at The Space was the size of an average bedroom. at 10pm, we were more or less sitting by ourselves. as soon as i was beginning to doubt if anyone would show, the room was full (and about 20 degrees hotter). 

the recurring theme of the tour (thus far, at least) is: if people are into it, they are into it.
met a girl who convinced us to sign her phone.
like, the thing she uses every day. she insisted, so we obliged.

shouts to Nosis for bringing out the people, and for the people for being so warm to 4 sweaty-ass rappers.