Savannah / by Bryan Lackner

we were initially supposed to play a record store, but it was moved to a house show. we were pre-warned that, "it's spring break", and, "people have been partying for 3 days so who knows how many people are coming out", and, "if only we were able to come earlier in the week", which, y'know, can be left unsaid. don't tell the person performing all the things that might go wrong. the same goes for when people apologize for a turnout -- it's fine. we don't perform for the people that aren't there, dig?

it was a short set, and after every song was silence -- or, if not silence, my favorite, one lone *CLAP* -- and Brent and i just laughed. some people just aren't gonna feel you, and that's okay. on the upside, the place we stayed in Savannah was really nice, and the city has a sleepy romance to it. also, shouts to Kym Chi for rapping and playing the harmonica and wearing a onesie. shit was tight.