en route to Baltimore / by Bryan Lackner


we left Detroit in the AM -- my Prizm packed to the brim -- hearing that Baltimore was supposed to get 10" of snow. checked the radar, and, sure enough, saw a sheet of blue conveniently covering exactly where we had to drive. 

let's goooooo

drove through Ohio with no problems...and then Pennsylvania with no problems...but i didn't want to say, They don't even have snow on the roads! What a bunch of wimps, 'cause that's the shit you say that immediately precedes you spinning out into a ditch. i reserved my words, and we stopped at Sheetz.

now, anytime we tell our Michigan friends how pumped we are for food from a gas station, they look at us like we're sad, sad men. it should be noted, though, that Sheetz is fucking delicious and i don't care what you say. fully customizable, no pre-wrapped pre-made nonsense. i kind of love Sheetz. one thing i will say is that they go a little too far with the "SH-" stuff:

also, why does Lays feel the need to make everything a chip flavor?

uncalled for

after Sheetz, we made it to Maryland, with no problems on the road.

at one point, three salt trucks prevented us from going past them, by shooting salt at my car, and lowering their plows so sparks were all over the road? not sure if that's plow protocol, or if they were new to the job. 

we made it to Height's, grabbed a drink w/ him and Eze Jackson, and called it a night. this morning, i'm chilling with Height's cat Cool Man, and getting everything ready for the first show tonight at The Crown.

we've been preparing for this tour for months and months, and we're all pretty pumped that it's about to start. the headaches were worth it.

see you soon.