At The Party / by Bryan Lackner

Prior to the 2015 Rap Round Robin tour, we thought it would be good to have some new material out in the world. I had purchased this beat from Dr. B for a different project that never came to fruition, and was thinking about all of the house parties i'd been at where i felt super uncomfortable and didn't know how to interact with anyone. to avoid human interaction, i always try to find the cat or the record collection -- if they don't have those, i tend to hover over the food. 

We'd never performed At The Party prior to the RRR, but once we started playing it, we realized how many people related to the sentiment. We shot the video last summer with our friends Jax + Shack, b/k/a GOOD PALS, because they are just that.

This is a reminder to embrace the awkward and take it easy.