At The Party by Bryan Lackner

Prior to the 2015 Rap Round Robin tour, we thought it would be good to have some new material out in the world. I had purchased this beat from Dr. B for a different project that never came to fruition, and was thinking about all of the house parties i'd been at where i felt super uncomfortable and didn't know how to interact with anyone. to avoid human interaction, i always try to find the cat or the record collection -- if they don't have those, i tend to hover over the food. 

We'd never performed At The Party prior to the RRR, but once we started playing it, we realized how many people related to the sentiment. We shot the video last summer with our friends Jax + Shack, b/k/a GOOD PALS, because they are just that.

This is a reminder to embrace the awkward and take it easy.

River Street Anthology by Bryan Lackner

Matt Jones is going around the state of Michigan and capturing the current sounds that inhabit it -- we were fortunate enough to be a part of the project, and recorded "Peace Zone" live at Lo&Behold Records in Hamtramck a few months ago. Mostly Midwest came along for the ride. 

Click here for more information on The River Street Anthology.

Mich-Again Tour by Bryan Lackner

Hitting the road with our friends Obese Ghost Children this April. See you soon, lower peninsula.

3/31 - Kalamazoo - Bell's Eccentric Cafe
4/1 - Traverse City - The Hollow
4/2 - Grand Rapids - The Death House
4/3 - Lansing - The Loft
4/5 - Detroit - The Old Miami
4/6 - Ann Arbor - The Blind Pig
4/8 - Bay City - Bemo's
4/9 - Mt. Pleasant - The 906
4/10 - Saginaw - The Compound

broken vessel by Bryan Lackner

the short of it:
- James is the man. Small World is an incredible album. due to scheduling logistics, Valley Hush and we (Passa) have never performed together, but Alex and Lianna reached out to see if we wanted to jump on this remix. we obliged, and Kwesi (Zillah) joined the mix. Christin Williams plays the sax, and Eddie Logix came through with the production/mastering assist.


diamonds by Bryan Lackner

a few years ago, we recorded a song with Tunde Olaniran and iRAWniq that was slated to be on his EP, Young Archetype, but it didn't make the cut. last year, we rerecorded the track, and are happy to see it released on his new album, Transgressor. Tunde's an exceptional artist and person, and we're honored to be a part of this project. listen to "Diamonds" below.

megatron video by Bryan Lackner

back in March, we went on a two-month tour w/ Height KeechEze Jackson, PT Burnem + B Rich. traveled all over this country of ours spreading the rap gospel, and can't wait to do it again soon. 

we'd end every show with 'SUPER MEGATRON BOMB', and it only felt right to shoot a video for it. so we did.

bandcamp sale by Bryan Lackner

currently in NOLA, and it's hot. as. fuck. it ain't even summer yet.

make good choices this summer -- stay hydrated, chill in the shade, and grab some new tunes. now through Wednesday (6/10), everything on our bandcamp page is 50% off. use the code "SUNSCREEN" and get some.

stay cool, y'all.

Other Thing live + Tour Blog by Bryan Lackner

thanks to Impact89 for this video of "Other Thing", from our performance at MSU Union Hall a few weeks back. below is the original version performed by The Anonymous.

also, be sure to click the TOUR BLOG 2015 tab to stay up to date on our tour w/ Height Keech and Eze Jackson!

super megatron bomb by Bryan Lackner

in preparation for the tour, we just released a track with our tourmates Height Keech, PT Burnem and Eze Jackson called "SUPER MEGATRON BOMB (waiting for 'em)". 

tour starts Friday in Baltimore -- check the dates for when we're coming to your city, as well as the tour blog that we'll be keeping up to date with all the weird shit we encounter on the road. see y'all soon.